On The Bench: Dan Wilson’s Pedalboard

On the bench a couple weeks back was a pedalboard build for Dan Wilson. Dan plays guitar for the band Dommengang, who are a stoner rock band based here in Los Angeles. This board had to be completed in just a few days as Dan was headed over to Europe to start a tour with the band. After discussing with Dan what he wanted out of this and what needed to be done I had the weekend to get this all put together. Plenty of time!

First things first we needed a physical pedalboard. We ended up going with a flat board that was ordered from Tour Supply. The great thing about them is that they make an entire line that fit snug inside any model pelican case. For power we went with the classic Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 and for one specific reason. The DOD 680 Analog Delay (blue pedal in the first row) has a hard wired cable that goes straight into an outlet. Seeing has how the Voodoo Lab has an extra outlet on the back of the supply for just this sort of thing it was a no brainer to go with this option.

Once we figured out an order in which the effects would go we had to come up with a comfortable layout so that Dan wasn’t stepping on anything when he wasn’t suppose to. It’s probably hard to depict in the above photo but the Tuner, Fuzz Factory, and Small Stone are all on risers to lift the pedals above the first row. This will allow Dan to switch on the back row of effects without disrupting anything down in front. Once we decided on a layout I locked everything down to the board and started building cables for each path in the chain.

After everything was wired up and neately arranged it was time to fire up this beast. Initially the chain of effects started with the Vox Wah (after the tuner) and then onto the Fuzz Factory, Small Stone Phase, DOD Analog Delay, and Super Hard-On boost to finish out. However when I was playing through everything I noticed that when the Fuzz and Wah were engaged the Wah was barely functioning. There was practically no Fuzz-Wah sound going on whatsoever, it was just a lot of Fuzz. I decided to switch the order and put the Fuzz second in the chain and the Wah right after. The result was blistering Fuzz-Wah, the sound Dan was going for.

When all was said and done this board was put together in just a couple of days. This might look big due to the big enclosures for the phase and analog delay but it’s a pretty simple setup and fun to mess around with. It does the vintage Fuzz-Wah thing like I mentioned but my favorite tone from this was when the phase and analog delay were both engaged. There was something going on with those two together that was really making me fall for setup, most of that was the DOD 680 Analog Delay. Those are fantastic sounding delays.


Here is a rundown of the final chain:

Boss TU-2 Tuner -> Zvex Fuzz Factory -> Vox Wah -> Electro Harmonix Small Stone -> DOD 680 Analog Delay -> Zvex Super Hard-On Boost

Power: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2

Check out Dommengang’s latest release Love Jail that came out in January of this year.

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